Insider management

Insider management

Silmäasema complies with applicable Finnish and EU regulations and rules, such as the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation, the Securities Markets Act, the Criminal Code of Finland and Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines for insiders. The Board has also confirmed the Company’s own insider guidelines.

Silmäasema does not maintain a permanent company specific insider register as it will only maintain project specific and event specific insider lists in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) N:o 596/2014, Market Abuse Regulation, “MAR”).

Silmäasema announces the business transactions of the executives and their related entities in accordance with MAR. At Silmäasema, the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and other management team members have been defined to be subject to the requirement to notify their transactions.

Closed period

Silmäasema’s management is also subject to a closed period which begins 30 days before the disclosure of interim reports and financial statements and ends at the close of the disclosure day, in accordance with MAR. During the closed period, Silmäasema’s management may not trade with financial instruments of the company. Silmäasema has set a 30-day closed period preceding quarterly results disclosures also for those persons who participate in the preparations of interim reports and financial statements.

More information on the shareholding and trading of the management and its related parties can be found on Management’s Transactions.

See: Silmäasema’s Code of Conduct