Disclosure policy

Disclosure policy

Silmäasema complies with EU and Finnish regulations, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.’s Stock Exchange rules and guidelines (including Insider Guidelines), the guidelines of ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) and the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) as well as Finnish Corporate Governance.Silmäasema’s disclosure policy describes the key principles and procedures for Silmäasema’s communication with capital market representatives.

The target of Silmäasema’s financial and investor communications is to guarantee that information available to the markets on the Company and its business is equal, balanced, sufficient and simultaneous and that the published information provides correct and sufficient information on the Company’s operations.

Silmäasema’s investor relations website www.silmaasema.fi/company functions as Silmäasema’s key publication channel for information concerning operations and finances. The website is public and open to all stakeholder groups.

Silmäasema’s silent period begins 30 days before the publication of an interim report or a press release on financial statements. During the silent period, Silmäasema’s management or experts do not meet with capital markets representatives. During the silent period, Silmäasema does not provide statements on the company’s financial state, the market or the future to media. The silent period ends at the publication of the Group’s interim report or financial statements.

The principles of Silmäasema’s communications have been recorded in the Company’s disclosure policy approved by the Board of Directors.