Goals and strategy

Goals and strategy

Our goal is to be the market leader in optical retail and eye clinic operations relating to eye healthcare, including cataract and refractive surgeries.

Financial targets

Silmäasema’s medium term financial targets are:

  • Growth: an average annual net sales growth of 6 to 9 per cent, including acquisitions
  • Profitability: adjusted EBITDA percentage of more than 15 per cent
  • Balance sheet: ratio of net debt to adjusted EBITDA of less than 2.5, while continuing to maintain and efficient capital structure
  • Dividend distribution: active dividend policy that is linked to each financial year’s financial result and the growth investment opportunities at hand


Silmäasema’s strengths include operating in a structurally attractive and growing vision and eye healthcare market; a strong market position; a well-functioning business model that covers all optical retail and eye healthcare services; strong track record of growth and improved profitability; clear strategic path forward; and experienced and competent management and professionally skilled personnel.


The key elements of Silmäasema’s strategy are:

The development of the store and clinic network

  • The goal of Silmäasema’s store network is that the majority of Finns have access to a store within a reasonable distance and that eye clinic services are comprehensively available in the catchment areas of the largest cities.
  • Silmäasema has identified nearly 50 potential locations for opening new optical retail stores in Finland.

Improving profitability

  • Centralized chain management, the scalability of the business as a result of volume growth, the successful opening of new stores and eye clinics and successful integration of business acquisitions have enabled Silmäasema’s profitable growth.
  • Measures already implemented, the scalability of the business as a result of volume growth and the continuous improvement of productivity are expected to have a favourable impact on profitability.

Like-for-like growth in net sales

  • Silmäasema aims to enhance its like-for-like net sales by using its unique business model, developing its multichannel service and sales concept and store concept and demand-driven category management.
  • Silmäasema’s business model enables customers to find all the services they need within the Group, and Silmäasema’s experts also actively guide the customer to other services within the Group when needed.
  • Silmäasema’s goal is to develop its operations to maximize the flow of customers between the optical retail stores and eye clinics, and to ensure its efficiency from the point of view of good, high-quality and timely response to the customer’s needs.
  • Silmäasema’s goal is to provide the best demand-based complete offering in Finland in both optical retail and eye clinic products and services.
  • Silmäasema continuously strives to renew its store and customer service concept to ensure its market position as the leading business in the optical retail and eye healthcare markets.