Our story


Silmäasema was founded by doctor Pentti Sihvola, ophthalmologist Paavo Jägerroos and optician Timo Raaska, who opened the first Silmäasema store in Kuopio, Finland, over 40 years ago. Even back then Silmäasema’s fundamental business idea was to offer something new and unique, primarily based on customer-driven service and concentrating diverse eye healthcare services under one roof.

The goal was to offer a better optical store for customers. Consumers showed acceptance for the idea, and the new business model proved to be successful and booming. New Silmäasema stores opened around Finland and the Company expanded into the Silmäasema Chain in 1991.

Silmäasema has always been one step ahead and built its functions to provide a uniform operating model in both optical retail and eye clinic services. Later on many other service providers have noticed Silmäasema’s original business idea, cooperation between opticians and ophthalmologists, being successful.

Eye clinics became more common in the early 2000s, treating patients whom the public sector could not offer help or resources within a reasonable or desired timetable. Silmäasema decided to expand its eye healthcare options, adding eye surgery to its service offering.

From eye examinations to eye surgeries, throughout the life

As 40 years ago, Silmäasema is still a pioneer both in its own market and worldwide. Silmäasema is the only service provider in Finland whose business model combines all vision and eye healthcare products and services and makes them easily accessible for the customers.

We offer our customers everything that their eyes need, from eye examinations to eye surgery. With us, customers get to decide how they want to see. Silmäasema’s professionals’ goal is to help customers to find the best and quality option that suits their eye healthcare, vision or style related needs.

its 40 years history Silmäasema has developed from a local family business to a strongly growing company. We listen to our customers and develop our product and service selections through customer understanding. We are a national chain with total of over 150 optical retail stores and 14 eye clinics in Finland. In addition, Silmäasema has 10 optical retail stores in Estonia.

Life is worth seeing

As the founder of Silmäasema, Pentti Sihvola, has said, we in Silmäasema believe that life is worth seeing. That’s why we, more than 1,000 vision and eye healthcare professionals, want to take care of our customers’ eyes throughout their life.

In the following stories our customers, as well as our employees, tell what in their life is worth seeing.

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