Silmäasema's employee


Elina's story

"The most memorably moment after my laser surgery was when I was sitting in a sauna and I saw the view to the lake completely bright for the first time. Nowadays, when walking in the forest, I admire how the landscape is different every day, every part of the day. I’m training for a half marathon so it’s great that my vision is bright and I can see my way."

"I graduated from a nursery school in 1984 and I have worked in eye healthcare since 1996. This job has made me to think about my own vision too. I had an eye surgery when I was 34 years old. The operation was called monovision, which means that my eyes were operated to have different sightedness. Thanks to that I haven’t needed glasses for long sightedness nor short sightedness.

I tell to my customers who are coming to a laser surgery that the benefits of an operation come from small things in everyday life. That feeling, when you wake up in the morning and see the alarm without taking it into your hand. That feeling, when you enter a bus during winter, and your eye glasses won’t get steamed on your nose. Or that feeling, when you can recognize a bottle of shampoo in a bath. When my daughter was operated, she enthusiastically sent me a SMS, telling “Mom, I was taking a shower and saw my toes!”

I’m happy for my customers, when they suddenly see better than in a long time. I can relate to their feelings. I remember when one man, around 60-year-old, came to a lens implant surgery and got finally rid of both his thick coke bottle glasses and reading glasses. He was so happy that later he brought roses to me and the doctor who operated him. Those small, groundbreaking moments – those are worth seeing.”