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Laura's story

“Vision has never been something I take for granted. My grandfather became blind at very young age and my mom was operated for glaucoma when she was 40 years old. That has made me very cautious about my eyes, but I have decided to conquer my fears and go to a laser surgery one day. I believe that life without glasses or contact lenses would be easier.

In my life I enjoy when I can be of help to others. I founded my own dog care center when I was 12 years old and now I’m helping people to get along with their dogs. I feel like I have found "my thing", I want to help people and dogs to find a mutual language. The most rewarding moments are when I see a dog and a person making a connection between each other.

It has always been very important for me that I can help people around me. Even at a very young age I was helping old grandmas to cross the streets. People should feel happy and have their life in order. If I, somehow, can have an impact to it, I'll do it. The happiness of my relatives and close people is what, in my opinion, is worth seeing.”