Founder of Silmäasema


Pentti’s story

“To become blind is one of the biggest fears that people have. That is why vision is one of the most important things in life. That was the base idea that we kept in mind when we founded Silmäasema."

Since the beginning, the mission of Silmäasema has been to offer both ophthalmologist and optician services in the same chain. When we opened the first store in Kuopio, the queue was so huge that the telephone facility gave us a complaint: the whole telephone traffic was blocked because of us! People were so eager to book appointments.

The same store, founded in 1975, is still there in the center of Kuopio. At those times the two of us, me and my wife, were working in there. Now both of my sons are ophthalmologists and one of them works in that same store. I have been very lucky to be able to work with my children.

After the entrepreneurship, pension is rewarding time. Now I have time to do different things and spend time with my family. I like to be outside, cross country skiing and playing golf. I do not miss working, although my son still passes me greetings from my old customers. Entrepreneurship has been a life work worth seeing.”